Synchronization and Backup

First, it is important to understand the difference between iCloud Synchronization and iCloud Backup.
iCloud Synchronization helps manage your configuration across devices. If you make a change to your configuration on your iPhone, that change is instantly reflected on your iPad. iCloud Synchronization also provides offline synchronization, by remembering you were watching TV in the living room when you take your iPhone offline so that the next iOS device to enter the living room picks up where you left off. It even works if some devices are not on the local network.

iCloud Backup simply makes a copy of your configuration on iCloud Drive or to a directory you select so that it can be restored to a device at a later time. If you restore the same configuration to multiple iOS devices, they will not be synchronized. Never use Restore as a method of synchronizing multiple devices. Restore is performed on one device only and automatically reflects to other devices via iCloud Synchronization.

iCloud Synchronization is designed specifically for Roomie Remote, it is a very low overhead solution allowing for a lightweight synchronization that quickly keeps all devices associated with a particular configuration in sync while supporting many connection methods and even remote devices.

iCloud Synchronization happens automatically between all participating devices – those of the owner’s Apple ID and any other Apple ID with whom the configuration has been shared.

Despite the fact that it seems like storing a copy of your configuration on all 6 of your iOS devices in your home would be a safe backup mechanism, it is not at all. iCloud Synchronization is a two way street. If your 5 year old decides to delete your Living Room from one device on which you didn’t activate Prevent Editing, it’s deleted from all devices. Instantly. It is always going to be best to use a real Backup mechanism in addition to iCloud Synchronization.

iCloud Backup is available to all users. iCloud Backup protects the complete configuration including custom images. To use iCloud Backup go to Menu > Settings > Homes > select the Home to backup if needed > tap “Backup…”. To perform a Restore, go to Menu > Settings > Homes [> use the back button on an iPhone if a Home is auto-selected] > tap “+ Restore Home”. (prior to version 6.7.2, the Restore button is inside the Home and called “Restore from iCloud Drive”)

Finally, it’s important to understand how Synchronization and Backup interact. When you Restore a configuration from iCloud Backup, it becomes the new live configuration that all instances of Roomie Remote on that configuration will Synchronize. Even if you backed it up months ago, if you Restore it now, it is now the new version of your configuration for all clients, and every device signed into that Apple ID (or with whom you have shared that Home) will adopt it immediately. Remember, never use backup or restore as a method of synchronization between multiple devices.