Learning Infrared Commands

In the event you have an infrared device that Roomie Remote does not already support in our library, it is easy to learn the commands using a supported infrared adapter’s built-in learner. Roomie Remote integrates learning functionality directly into the app.

To begin the learning process go to Settings > Custom Devices > Add Custom Device. Once you have learned the commands you need, the Code Set you learned will then be available whenever you choose Add Device for your infrared adapter from the Devices panel. That’s it! You may either learn an entire command set for a new device, or you might just want to learn a few supplemental commands for a command set already in Roomie Remote. Either can be added simply to your existing Activities.

We receive support requests sometimes from users who thought their device was not supported in our library, assume they need to learn codes, but then find out that it is already supported. We strongly encourage you to check multiple variations of your device’s naming when adding it (using the in-app Infrared Code Set Library lookup when adding a device) to make sure it or similar models are not there as well as trying the infrared diagnosis steps prior to learning codes. Subtle naming differences such as a model name changing from YSP to YST or other numberings can sometimes be unclear causing confusion as to whether a device is supported. Trying similar command sets can often be a solution to what was initially assumed to require learning codes. Sony products are a particularly common cause of this because they generally always need an increased Retransmit Count. Often even vaguely similar devices use the same codes and greater than 90% of support requests for missing codes actually turn out to be a simple matter resolved by increasing the Retransmit Count, adjusting the emitter, or the other suggestions already in the FAQ above.

Remote Central provides this page that offers many additional tips on learning infrared codes.

Advanced Infrared Learning

For some complex Infrared Learning with supported infrared adapters, or if perhaps you want to edit the codes themselves at a low level, you may also find the following links useful. Please note this is not relevant for any normal infrared learning task. These third-party applications allow control of infrared learning from a desktop system and allow visual inspection of the codes for highly technical users.

  1. Download iLearn for Windows
  2. Purchase iLearn for OS X
  3. Tutorial for iLearn

After learning the infrared commands using iLearn for a given remote, the commands must be formatted for Roomie Remote using the instructions in the FAQ on adding Custom Devices. Note that none of these steps are necessary if learning codes from inside Roomie Remote.