Alexa Smart Home Skill

Note: The Alexa Smart Home skill for Roomie Remote is titled Simple Control in the Alexa app. The Custom Skill is titled Roomie Remote.

With the Simple Control Smart Home skill and Alexa, you can now interact with your Roomie Remote devices by voice. To get started, select the ‘Enable Skill’ button in the Alexa App to link your Roomie Remote account and discover your devices. The account is the same account you use to login to the Roomie Remote app. Find more information about connecting Smart Home devices at

Roomie Remote for iOS with active subscription and one always-on device is required. Roomie Remote must be signed in to your Roomie Remote account, and one device must be running with the Alexa Control switch turned on in order to accept commands. If you are using Roomie Remote for iOS, ensure the app is running in the foreground using Guided Access on a charger per the User’s Guide.

Roomie Remote provides two Alexa skills: a Custom Skill (Roomie Remote) and a Smart Home Skill (Simple Control). These are both linked separately, and we recommend adding both for full functionality. These are added inside the Alexa app under the Skills section. The Smart Home skill provides many convenient ways to address Activities, Devices, and Rooms without an initial “tell Roomie Remote” prefix. The Custom Skill provides more detailed commands. Both require an active subscription and an always-on device.

When using the Smart Home skill, you need to specify by name which device to use. There are two ways to define these names:
• Use the names you set up already – these are shown in the Roomie Remote app and can be changed, or
• Create an Alexa group, like Bedroom or Downstairs, and add the device to the group. More information is available at

Once you know the name or group of your devices, you can say the following example phrases:

Alexa, turn on the Living Room. (launch first activity with an opening device in the Living Room)
Alexa, turn on Office DISH. (open “Watch DISH” in the Office)
Alexa, turn on Living Room TiVo. (open “Watch TiVo” in the Living Room)
Alexa, set the Bedroom Receiver to 25%. (set volume to -55.5 for Denon Receiver in the Bedroom)
Alexa, set Kitchen Sonos to 60. (set volume to 60 for Sonos device in the Kitchen)
Alexa, turn off the Bedroom. (run the first Power Off activity in the Bedroom)
Alexa, turn off the Office DISH. (run the first Power Off activity in the Office)
Alexa, turn off the Office DISH 1. (send a POWER OFF command to the DISH device in the room Office — see the Alexa app for actual naming)

Alexa skills are only available in specific countries. Check the Alexa Skill Store to determine whether a particular skill is available in your country.