Custom Images

Custom images must be in PNG format. Transparency is recommended for best appearance. Images will automatically be reduced in size to fit whatever button or location is used.

Your custom images can now simply be added to your photo library and you will see them as options when choosing images.

You may also add custom images as part of your iCloud Restore. Once you have the images you need in the proper format and size, first Backup to iCloud Drive via the Homes panel. Locate the Roomie Remote folder created from your iCloud Drive backup in your iCloud Drive directory, locate the specific home directory within that usually labelled with a series of letters and numbers, and then create a folder named ‘images’ inside thatĀ folder. Place any images you’d like to use in that folder and then Restore from iCloud Drive in the Homes panel. You are now able to select any images you placed there from the Choose Image panel throughout the product. All Activity graphics are able to select custom images.

Images will be re-colored to match the location they are used. In general, using one solid color is the best way to construct images you wish to use for Activities.