Roomie 1.2.2 now live in the App Store!

Post updated for 1.2.2. Roomie Remote 1.2 has just been released in the App Store! This release represents a major milestone for Roomie with significant new functionality.

Improvements in Roomie 1.2.2:

  • Power Device: Activities can now specify a device that will be turned on when activated and turned off when leaving the Activity. Additional custom commands can also be added as Stop Commands to any Activity.
  • Sharp/Elite TV IP Control: Added IP control of Sharp and Elite TVs that support IP Control.
  • Xbox 360 and Dish Satellite Original Remotes added.
  • Marantz and Integra receivers are now considered separate instead of sub-brands of Denon/Onkyo.
  • Pure Remotes are now opened in a modal view so they don’t disrupt the Activity.
  • Support for authenticated IP devices such as the Sharp/Elite TVs has been added.
  • Improved feedback responsiveness for Denon and Onkyo receivers.
  • Fixed Pioneer receiver IP port assignment.
  • Various additional fixes and visual improvements across the application.

Improvements in Roomie 1.2.1:

  • Activity Confirmation: Activities can now require confirmation before starting.
  • Original Remotes are now loaded on demand reducing the application footprint by 80%.
  • Yamaha 3900 receivers now support all receiver feedback functionality.
  • Oppo Blu-ray Feedback is now much more responsive.
  • Remote Customization on iOS 4 now works properly.
  • Issues with Dropbox on iOS 4.2 have been resolved.
  • Various additional fixes across the application.

Highlighted Features of Roomie 1.2.0

  • Remote Customization: A major milestone for Roomie, virtual remotes can now be edited including adding, removing, moving, and changing buttons and their commands.
  • Volume Sliders: All supported IP and Serial receivers now offer explicit volume control via sliders. Just tap the volume display screen!
  • Virtual Remote Refresh: Designs have been completely refreshed with more integrated graphics designed specifically for iOS screen sizes.
  • Samsung TV IP Support: Samsung TV IP-enabled models can now be controlled directly via IP with no adapter. Check the Roomie website for compatibility with your model. Some models cannot be powered on via IP.
  • Automatic Input Commands: Switching between Activities can now automatically send input change commands to a receiver or other input supporting devices.
  • Germany and France Support: TV Listings now cover Germany and France in addition to the US, Canada, and UK.
  • Channel Indexing: TV Listings now shows an index allowing rapid movement among channels.
  • Channel Switching Types: If your device requires different channel switching formats such as a leading zero with 2 digit channels, these can now be configured on the Device.
  • Channel Switching Delays: If your device requires additional delays between digits when changing channels, an option for that is now available.
  • Oppo Blu-ray Scrubbing: Full support for Blu-ray feedback including live scrubbing and elapsed/total time displays has been added for Oppo Blu-ray Players.
  • Many additional fixes and improvements across the application.
In addition to the changes above, many other additions to Supported Devices have been made. Changes are highlighted on the appropriate pages for IP compatibility, Serial Compatibility, and Infrared Compatibility.