Roomie 1.1.0 now available on the App Store!

Roomie Remote 1.1.0 has just been released in the App Store! This release includes some exciting new functionality and support for many new devices.

Highlighted Features

  • Blu-ray Player two-way feedback support including live time scrubbing and display of elapsed/total time. The first supported players are the Panasonic 2011 series.
  • Detailed Credits information and photos of Cast and Crew is now available immediately from the TV Listings.
  • Boxee’s boxeebox has been added as a supported IP controlled device including auto-discovery and keyboard support.
  • Initial support for IP control of DirecTV H/HR series receivers has been added including auto-discovery.
  • Support for the UK and Canada has been added to the TV Listings.

Other Improvements

  • Device setup is now much much more intelligent about adding commands automatically, and automatic commands are now visually identified.
  • Activities each now have the option to remove automatic commands allowing pure actions like “Lights On” or “Open Door”.
  • Volume, Power, Mute, and Channel controls are now consolidated with two-way feedback whenever possible in an improved design for Virtual Remotes, and a pure volume variation is used for Original Remotes.
  • Many icon updates and addition of source graphics including Pandora and others.
  • Fixed rare issue that could have caused unintended repeats when sending infrared volume commands.
  • Pioneer receivers now use port 8102 due to some lower-end models not enabling 23.
  • Fixed double additions to command reporting that would occur anytime after a system off command had been issued at least once.
  • Changed “Favorites” button on iPhone Tab Bar to a “Guide” button with new icon.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.
In addition to the changes above, many other additions to Supported Devices have been made. Changes are highlighted on the appropriate pages for IP compatibility, Serial Compatibility, and Infrared Compatibility.