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Roomie Remote is unique in its app-based control of both AV gear and smart home devices. Most systems available today specialize in either AV or smart home, but not both. That’s why Roomie Remote is the clear choice for control of every device in every room of your home.

Basic Features

Maximum Controlled Devices Unlimited Unlimited 15 - Hard Limit
Maximum Rooms Unlimited Unlimited 1
Maximum Infrared Adapters Unlimited Unlimited 1 - Hard Limit
In-App Configuration
Apple HomeKit Integration
Live Home Dashboard
TV Guide Listings
Personalized Channel Guide
Lock Configuration
Gesture Control
Hardbutton Remote Options Harmony Remotes, PS4 and Xbox One controllers, Pico remote, LaunchPort, more – Only Control4 – Only Harmony
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Advanced Features

Siri Voice Commands
Siri Shortcuts/Scripting
Audio + Video Intercom Between Controllers
Amazon Alexa Control
Time-based Commands
Motion Triggers
Multi-Room Control Capability
Consolidate multiple connections to target device
Multiple Home Control
Share Control with Guests
Local Network Open API

IP Compatibility

Auto-Discovery (SDDP must be in device) Few
Cloud Services SmartThings, Honeywell, Ring, Ecobee, Insteon SmartThings, Insteon
Apple TV 4K IP Control
Apple TV 4K Voice Control
Apple TV 4K Plex control
Plex Media Guide
Kodi Media Guide
Amazon Fire TV Bluetooth only
Amazon Fire TV App Launching
Phillips Hue Lights
Lutron Caséta, RA2, Homeworks Caséta Only
Belkin WeMo Switches
Universal Devices ISY
Lighwave RF
iTunes/Music App Control
Roku Channel Guide
Google Chromecast (including TVs)
VLC + Guide
Sonos: Basic Play Controls
Sonos: Services
Sonos: Speaker Grouping
Denon HEOS Control + Services
Bose Soundtouch
Kaleidescape Media Guide
DISH Hopper/Joey IP Control
DISH Hopper DVR/PrimeTime Anytime
DirecTV DVR Guide
TiVo IP Control
TiVo DVR Guide
Samsung TV 2016-2020 Full IP Control
Sony TVs & Blu-Ray Players
Sony Application Launching
LG TV Full IP Control
LG TV App Launching + Gesture Control
Oppo Blu-ray Players
nVidia Shield Control + App Launching
Receiver IP Feedback
Security Cameras Arlo, RTSP/MJPEG Cameras, HomeKit, Ring RTSP/MJPEG Cameras
Multizone Systems
Power Management (Panamax, Wattbox, others)
Other IP controlled device categories: HDMI Distribution, Audio Video processors, Projectors, PTZ Camera control, Media Players, etc.


$10/qtr – 8 devices
$50/yr – 24 devices
$70/yr –Unlimited
$200 - Unlimited Perpetual
Single Home (Non-multihome): $2,000.00 retail. A $100.00/yr 4Sight subscription is required at each location for external control and cloud backup. Retail: $349.99
Harmony product line was shut down April 10, 2021