Roomie 3.2 with Apple Watch and TiVo Recording Now Available!


  • Roomie for Apple Watch: Rooms, Activities, and Virtual Remotes are now accessible directly from Apple Watch!
  • TiVo Recording: OnePass recordings and one-time recordings can now be scheduled right from Roomie’s guide.
  • TiVo OnePass Management: Editing and management of your existing OnePasses.


  • 42-tuner
  • 42-menu
  • 42-lights
  • 42-dish-vr
  • 42-activities


  • Much smoother Forward and Reverse functionality for Amazon Fire TV.
  • Keyboard support for 2013+ Sony TVs.
  • Improvements to initial setup interface.
  • Fixes related to Timer and Time based Trigger configuration.
  • Fixed several feedback related issues with different device combinations.
  • Fixed feedback issues for Denon and Marantz receivers connected via serial.
  • Fixed issues with Kaleidescape pairing.
  • Fixed Vera and ISY trigger matching with certain configurations.
  • Fixed entry of ISY Program ID numbers.
  • Fixed TiVo keyboard control lowercase letters.

Requires iOS 7 or above. Installing Roomie on an iOS 6 device will provide the older compatible version 2.4.1. Configurations are updated by this version. All Roomies sharing a configuration should be upgraded to this release.