Roomie 3.1 with Amazon Fire TV, SmartThings Connect, and Apple TV Guide Integration Now Available!


  • Amazon Fire TV: Both Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are now auto-discovered and controlled via IP including keyboard support.
  • LG TVs: LG Smart TV and WebOS models with IP control are now auto-discovered and controlled via IP including mouse/keyboard control. LG TVs cannot be powered on via IP, most scenarios require additional control via Roomie Blaster.
  • Smartthings Connect: Send commands to your Things.
  • Insteon Web Services: Control over the new Insteon Hub (2245) including lights, switches, and more.
  • Denon HEOS: Discovery and control of HEOS Media Players.

Documentation for the new features of Roomie 3.1 is available here.


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  • Apple TV Media Guide: Apple TV content including your iTunes movies and TV shows may be browsed and played directly via Roomie’s new breakthrough Apple TV Media Guide. Your Apple TV has never been easier to use.
  • Apple TV iTunes Guide: iTunes content can be automatically directed to your Apple TV. No more fiddling with Airplay controls, play your iTunes content on your Apple TV via Roomie’s breakthrough Media Guides.
  • Denon HEOS Media Guide: All HEOS services such as Pandora/Rhapsody are browsed and controlled directly.
  • Dune HD/Mede8er + Kodi Media Guide: Merge Kodi with Dune HD or Mede8er players for the best of both worlds. Roomie plays content from the same NAS as Kodi to your Dune or Mede8er. See the 3.1 New Features Setup Guide for full details.
  • LG TV Media Guide: Apps on your TV can be browsed and launched for SmartTV and WebOS models.
  • Timer/Time Based Triggers: Global triggers based on a time of day or triggers created by Buttons or Activities for a specific duration. Enables “open shades at 9” or “turn off TV in 30m” cases. Triggers can be executed on any Roomie, or on Roomie Agent 2.1+.
  • DISH DVR Recording: DISH Hopper/Joey users can set programs to record directly from the TV Guide.
  • DISH DVR Timers: Timers can now be edited/created.


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  • Dune HD Players: Feedback with position set/status is now provided.
  • Mede8er X3D Players: Feedback with position set/status is now provided.
  • Lutron Homeworks/QS: Added feedback support.
  • Vera Edge: Added auto-discovery and control.
  • Mirage M-400, Russound C-Series, and Shinybow SB-8804LCM Multizone Amplifiers: Volume feedback for all zones.


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  • Added Hue, Vera, and ISY as eligible Trigger devices.
  • Activity lists now have 5 layout sizing options set in the Edit Room panel from the Rooms list: Size To Fit, S, M, L, and XL.
  • Virtual Remote sections now size dynamically based on screen size when appropriate.
  • Added Nest Away mode feedback handling.
  • Hue and Vera scenes are now directly supported.
  • Nest is an eligible Trigger device for use cases such as “turn off all lights when I’m away from home”.
  • Animation optimization for older devices.
  • Don’t use Estimote beacon ID. Correct ID may be copied from Proximity Settings for use with external iBeacons.
  • Sonos PLAYBAR Media Guide now shows TV Input.
  • Command Log provides timestamps when expanded.
  • Samsung EX-Link Serial explicit volume support.
  • “Next On” guide segments tappable to jump to that broadcast.
  • Kodi PVR Channel Tuning.
  • Pioneer Dolby Atmos support.
  • Option to suppress DHCP address update notification.



  • Show Blaster Settings when inspecting a serial device.
  • Do not add Ungroup to the lead device of a Sonos group.
  • Fixed polarity of “Reset on System Off” switch in Edit Activity.
  • Fixed spurious occurrences of IP Addresses when adding some devices.
  • Fixed tapping at the top of the screen to scroll up automatically in all cases.
  • Fixed Sony BD Feedback display.
  • Fixed sub launching Activities from one room that changed the current Activity in another room.
  • Improvements to live video streams for memory and performance.
  • Remove duplicate TV Shows from XBMC.
  • Fixed image URL creation with PMS and PHT on different hosts.
  • Fixed bug queuing songs to Sonos if they contained an ampersand in the title.
  • Fixed use of Wake on LAN with long delays before a command when using Delay when Powered On.
  • ISY is now shown properly as Universal Devices not Insteon.
  • Volume levels with many Sonos devices at once are now properly cached when reopening groups panel.
  • Fixed crash that occurred after heavy Sonos usage.

Requires iOS 7 or above. Installing Roomie on an iOS 6 device will provide the older compatible version 2.4.1. Configurations are updated by this version. All Roomies sharing a configuration should be upgraded to this release.