Roomie 3.0 with Apple TV and Nest Control, iOS 8 Enhanced Now Available!

New Devices

  • Apple TV: A truly unique breakthrough, Roomie now features direct network control of all current Apple TV generations including gestures, media feedback, and keyboard support.
  • Nest Thermostats: Official, supported control over Nest thermostats including commands to set cool/heat points, fan timers, and away status.
  • Roomie Blaster: New infrared adapters available from the Roomie Store provide infrared control with no additional purchase.
  • Lutron Caséta: Auto-discovery and control over Lutron Caséta SmartBridge Pro lighting/shades.
  • Extra Device: The core Roomie application now supports 3 devices up from 2. This change is retroactive.

New Features

  • iOS 8 Enhanced: Built to take advantage of the enhancements in iOS 8!
  • New Interface: The Virtual Remote and other aspects of Roomie have been beautified, simplified, and enhanced for iOS 8.
  • Sonos Grouping: Now fully integrated with the main volume control showing all of your Sonos device volumes with grouping controls and mute controls for the entire group or individual speakers.
  • Start Actions: Opening a Remote Design may now set screen brightness, take over the full screen, or open a gesture panel.
  • Activity Chaining: Activities may now open and set Activity Modes for other Activities.

New Features with Roomie Service

  • Plex Media Guide: Plex Home Theater is now provided a full Media Guide for all Movies and TV Shows fully integrated with Roomie’s extensive content guides for movies, TV seasons, and episodes.
  • Triggers: Create reactive feedback actions such as “run the Watch TV Activity when my Lutron keypad button is pressed”. The currently supported trigger devices are Lutron Radio RA2 and Lutron Caséta. Triggers can be set to execute from a specific Roomie instance or via Roomie Agent for OS X.

In-App Purchases

  • 10 Device Pack: New pack adds support for 10 more devices. The first purchase enables a complimentary month of Roomie Service with new 6 month subscriptions.


  • Sony Blu-Ray Registration: Improved feedback from Sony Blu-ray players and integrated registration with the devices directly into Roomie.
  • Delay Options: Inter-command delays increased up to 5 minutes.
  • Delay All Option: Commands may now delay all other devices to synchronize command execution between all devices.
  • Philips Hue Colors: A gradient of hues is now provided when selecting colors for Hue lights.
  • Philips Hue All Lights: Control over all lights at once is now provided.
  • Room Status: Rooms running an Activity are now highlighted in the room list.
  • Image Activities: Many UI elements enhanced to support image-only Activities with no name.


  • Fixed XBMC to handle very slow XBMC servers more gracefully.
  • Fixed keyboard support for several devices including Firecore.
  • Fixed Chromecast Power reliability.
  • Recognize TiVo Mini properly.
  • Fixed Vera feedback for latest firmware.

Requires iOS 7 or above. Installing Roomie on an iOS 6 device will provide the older compatible version 2.4.1. Configurations are updated by this version. All Roomies sharing a configuration should be upgraded to this release.