Roomie Remote 2.4 with TiVo Guide, DISH PrimeTime AnyTime, and Chromecast Power Now Available!

Roomie Remote 2.4 is Now Available on the App Store! The changes in this release are summarized here.

New Features

  • TiVo Program Control: Deep integration with TiVo Roamio/Premiere is now provided including live display of the current program or recording and the ability to set the position in the live TV buffer or recording.
  • DISH Progress Control: Hopper/Joey now provide program position displays and allow scrubbing to new positions.
  • Chromecast Power: Control your Google Chromecast to power on HDMI CEC compatible televisions.
  • TiVo DVR Guide and Chromecast Power

New Features with Roomie Service

  • TiVo DVR Guide: All Now Playing programs on Roamio/Premiere models are organized for playback from the Media Guide.
  • DISH PrimeTime AnyTime: Programs recorded via PrimeTime AnyTime may now be played from their own Media Guide.
  • DISH DVR Folders: All DVR programs are now organized by show.
  • DISH AutoHop and Resume: DISH is now significantly more awesome with the ability to enable/disable AutoHop and resume or start from the beginning of a recorded program.
  • Sonos Source Commands: Many sources including Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsody, and other previously unsupported Sonos sources are now supported via a new command (.TRANSPORT SET) that recognizes services or tracks tuned on your Sonos systems to enable tuning the same stream or track on demand.
  • TiVo DVR Guide and Chromecast Power

New Devices

  • Samsung 2014 Allshare TVs: Added DLNA control and volume feedback for Samsung 2014 TV models. Please note that generic remote commands are not part of DLNA, and Samsung TVs do not support power control via IP. This feedback is also provided for some 2013 models.
  • Sony 2014 Receivers: Added discovery and feedback for Sony STR-DN1050/1040 CIS-compatible receivers.


  • Synchronization Optimizations: Activity and configuration updates over Wi-Fi are much faster. These improvements require all synchronized Roomie devices are running at least this 2.4+ version and/or Roomie Agent 1.4+.
  • iOS 7 Background Refresh: Roomie will now be periodically updated on iOS 7 even if it is not the current app.
  • Always Scan: An option to Always Scan for devices has been added. This requires slightly more CPU time, but enables immediate detection of IP Address changes, port changes, and some lighting Manifest changes. It is a good option for dedicated devices that generally remain plugged in.
  • iBeacon Proximity Distance Threshold

  • iBeacon Distance: Threshold in meters for iBeacon proximity detection is now configurable both for Automatic Room Detection and Proximity Actions.
  • Sonos Groups on Command: .SOURCE SET command now allows selecting a Sonos device master for each of your Sonos devices to assemble pre-determined Sonos groups by command.
  • Agent Unicast: Commands sent to Roomie Agent are now unicast to allow transmission over VPNs.


  • Fixed issue that caused DISH to degrade to SD version of a channel in some cases when tuning from the guide.
  • Fixed issue that could cause non-responsiveness over very long periods of time for some HTTP devices.
  • Fixed issue that caused some shows not to open in the guide.
  • Fixed issue with RTSP authenticated cameras.
  • Fixed incorrect iTunes album art in some cases.
  • Fixed channel bar fade issue after certain types of drag.
  • Fixed issues with 24 hour international time formats for Alarms and Clock displays.
  • Improved handling for Philips Hue bridge resets.
  • Various channel logo improvements particularly for DISH.
  • Improved placeholder and help for +WAKE ON LAN commands.
  • Automatic room switching tuning for iBeacons to avoid unintended room switches.
  • Fixed memory issue with live camera displays that would generally take many days to cause a problem.
  • Automatic device detection is now faster and more responsive for all devices.
  • Fixed auto-discovery for Sharp TVs.
  • Fixes for other observed field issues.