Roomie Remote 2.2 with Dish IP Control and DVR Guide Now Available!

Roomie Remote 2.2 is Now Available on the App Store! The changes in this release are summarized here.

New Features

  • Virtual Remote Customization: The order of the panels and feedback on Virtual Remotes may now be re-arranged. This provides a simple and fast customization method. The Mapped Remotes option allowing total layout control introduced in 2.1 provides complete layout control for more advanced customization.
  • Dish Hopper/Joey IP Control and Auto-Discovery: Dish Hopper, Joey, and SuperJoey receivers are now controlled entirely via IP including guide integration.
  • Dish Virtual Remote and DVR Guide

New Features with Roomie Service:

Estimote iBeacons

  • Dish Hopper/Joey DVR Guide: Browse and play recorded programs on your Hopper or Joey.
  • Estimote Support: Proximity Automation now enables using the Estimote beacon instead of a private beacon for easy integration of Estimote iBeacons.
  • Location Links: Backing up to the Roomie Service now provides a Recovery Email option which allows easy switching between multiple configurations as well as a complete restoration to a fresh copy of Roomie. The Roomie URL scheme has also been enhanced to allow switching entire configurations, for example:

  • Proximity Automation

  • XBMC Played Status: Played/Unplayed status may now be set for programs from the Media Guide.


  • Row End markers may now be added to the Top Bar in the Remote Design editor.
  • Toggle Mode Activities now provide an option not to reset on System Off.
  • Optimizations to Auto-Discovery that fix issues with retrieving some lighting device manifests.
  • Optimized Wi-Fi Synchronization Activity updates. They should now be more reliable and synchronize even faster. Make sure to update to Roomie Agent 1.3.0+ as well.
  • Added one-time deprecation warnings for iOS 6 and the L5 scheduled for September 2014.
  • Added Reset Diagnostics button.


  • Fixed DirecTV discovery issue with duplication of devices.
  • Fixed POWER TOGGLE commands used in Toggle Mode Activities with Track Power State turned on.
  • Fixed auto-detection issue with Pioneer 2013 receiver models.
  • Fixed tab switching issue in Prevent Editing mode on iPhone screens.
  • Fixed issues with Proximity Automation.
  • Various additional fixes.

Configurations are updated by this version. All Roomies sharing a configuration should be upgraded to this release. Systems running iOS 5 may continue running Roomie 1.9.3. However, Wi-Fi Synchronization should be disabled on older Roomie versions. Roomie Remote for iOS 5 is also available as a separate app on the App Store.