Roomie Remote 2.1 Now Available with Proximity Automation and Kaleidescape Guide!

Roomie Remote 2.1 is now available for download on the App Store! The changes in this release are summarized here.

New Features

Activity Modes

  • Activity Modes: Activities may now toggle between modes. Commands may be set to conditionally require an Activity is in a particular mode allowing new configurations such as a projector/TV room mode, or sound/no sound mode.
  • Mapped Remotes: Total control over button layout and customization. Custom Mapped Remotes may be designed with examples and templates provided in the Roomie DDK. Original Remotes may also now be customized.
  • 2.1 Feature Overview

  • Planed Guide: The Guide now smoothly pans across the entire two weeks (if applicable) of guide content no longer stopping to reload at each day part break.
  • iOS 7 Game Controllers: Controllers such as the Logitech Powershell, and Moga Ace Power now automatically map to appropriate Virtual Remote buttons.
  • Game Controllers

  • 64-bit Native: Roomie now runs natively on the latest iOS devices.

New Features with Roomie Service:

Kaleidescape Media Guide

  • Kaleidescape Media Guide: A Media Guide for browsing movies on Kaleidescape systems is now provided.
  • iBeacon Proximity Automation: Turn any Roomie into a Room iBeacon causing any other nearby Roomie to switch to that room. Detect any nearby Roomie to execute Activities based on proximity. This is currently experimental and iOS 7.1 or later is strongly recommended for this feature.
  • Clocks and Alarms

  • Clocks: A time display suitable for wall clock style usage is now available as a component of Virtual Remotes.
  • Alarms: Proximity AutomationIntegrated with the Clock, alarms may now be configured to play and execute Roomie commands such as starting an Activity or sending commands to your devices.
  • Backup/Restore: One click backup and restore via the Roomie Service.
  • Season/Episode Guide: TV Shows now provide navigation of entire seasons and individual episodes.
  • Enhanced Media Guide: All Media Guides including iTunes, Sonos, XBMC, VLC, and now Kaleidescape have been greatly enhanced.
  • iTunes Radio: The iTunes Media Guide now supports iTunes Radio.

New Devices:

  • Foscam IP Cameras: Added support for Foscam’s H.264 IP cameras with pan/tilt/zoom control.
  • Plex Home Theater: The new release of Plex is now auto-detected and controlled.
  • McIntosh MX151: Added feedback via Serial.
  • Belkin Insight Switches: Insight switches are now auto-discovered like WeMo switches.


  • Custom Room Icons: Custom graphics may now be used for rooms.
  • iTunes Chapters: Display and select chapters within iTunes content.
  • System Off Idle Activities: Set a Remote Design to enable idle displays like a camera or time.
  • Additional Directional Pads: Directional Pads are now dynamic and more than one may exist on Virtual Remotes.
  • XBMC Queue: XBMC content may now be queued.
  • Xfinity/Samsung Original Remotes: Added Original Remotes for for Xfinity X1 and newer Samsung TV models.
  • Kaleidescape Auto-Detection: Added dynamic selection of Kaleidescape Premiere players.
  • Sonos Group Muting: Sonos groups now provide mute controls for entire groups.
  • RTSP Authentication: Authentication now supported for RTSP cameras.
  • HD/SD Live cameras: Switch between HD and SD resolution if the camera supports it.
  • Forced Portrait Mode: Remote Designs may now force Portrait orientation.
  • iTunes linked to Apple TVs may now be selected from any room.
  • Improved Auto-Detection for the latest Yamaha receivers, DirecTV, and Samsung TVs.
  • Belkin WeMo control is now more resilient to the random port changes the devices use.
  • Change IP/Port for a Manual IP device by tapping the IP/Port display.
  • AppleScripts may now be executed via Roomie Agent.
  • Recover gracefully from full reset of a Philips Hue bridge.


  • Fixed issues with .AIRPLAY SET commands.
  • Fixed issues with some XBMC album art and very large XBMC libraries.
  • Fixed issues with grouping some Sonos speakers.
  • Fixed feedback with multiple lighting systems on one Remote Design.
  • Yamaha Receiver Server and Net Radio inputs now have feedback.
  • Fixed issues with Sony TV Registration.
  • Various additional fixes.

Configurations are updated by this version. All Roomies sharing a configuration should be upgraded to this release. Systems running iOS 5 may continue running Roomie 1.9.3. However, Wi-Fi Synchronization should be disabled on older Roomie versions. Roomie Remote for iOS 5 is also available as a separate app on the App Store.