Roomie Remote 2.0 Now Available with Gesture Control and iOS 7 Support!

Roomie Remote 2.0 is now available for download on the App Store! The changes in this release are summarized here.

New Features

Gesture Control

  • Gesture Control: The next generation of control is here. Gesture Controls are automatically generated for all devices using feedback-based gesture panels clearly displaying which commands are available for gesture control, integrating feedback from devices into the panel, and establishing the principle of safe gestures to prevent accidental commands. Older Remote Designs are automatically upgraded to include new Gesture Panels, and all Gesture Panels are editable as part of Remote Designs. Click here for a demonstration video.
  • Gesture Switcher: Pinching the screen provides a new switcher to jump quickly between different panels. Zoom (pinch out like a photo) specific panels of a Virtual Remote such as the directional pad to jump directly to a gesture panel for those commands.
  • iOS 7 Savvy: Extensive upgrades for iOS 7. All remote panels are now full screen and have adopted iOS 7 behaviors.
  • Button Activities: Buttons can now execute Activities, open Popup Activities, open the keyboard, start remote screen viewing, or open a Gesture Panel.
  • Single Room: Lock to a single room as an extension of Prevent Editing mode. Roomie Agent even allows locking the room with a PIN.
  • Progressive Repeats: Holding a button may now use Constant Touch – repeating at every fixed interval, or Progressive Touch – repeating progressively faster the longer the button is held down. Many commands are now set to these options. Speed of repetition using gestures is determined by the distance the gesture tracker has been pulled.
  • Rooms and Activities

  • Activites and Rooms: Rooms and Activities user interfaces have been redesigned for significantly improved appearance and functionality.
  • Roomie Service Subscription: Replaces HD Guide Pack and Infrared Control Pack. Existing purchases are unchanged.

New with Roomie Service Subscription or HD Guide Pack:

  • Guide Search: Search for any TV Show or Movie regardless of whether it is on the current schedule.
  • Sonos Music Search: Searching the Sonos Music Library by artist, composer, genre, and album is now part of the Sonos Media Guide. Click here for a demonstration video of the new Sonos Music Search, Sonos Pandora creation, and Sonos Grouping.
  • Sonos Pandora Station Creation: Searching Pandora can now create stations based on results.
  • XBMC Media Guide: Complete Media Guide now provided for XBMC 12+ including Movies, TV Shows, Playlists, cover art, directory browsing, and more.

New Devices:

  • Kaleidescape Movie Servers: Discovery and control for Kaleidescape including cover art and browsing. Click here for a demonstration video.
  • Roomie 2.0 New Devices

  • Indigo Integration: Discovery and control for the Indigo 6 automation server for Mac OS including synchronization and feedback for lighting. Click here for a demonstration video of Roomie 2.0 lighting and IP camera integration.
  • Belkin WeMo Switches: Discovery and control of Belkin WeMo Switches has been added including power status feedback.
  • Sony TVs (2013): IP models including discrete power, input control, and media identification from streams.
  • LG Blu-ray (2013): Auto-discovery and control of LG’s 2013 Blu-ray Players has been added.


  • Activity Sizing: Activities/Rooms dynamically resize on iPad for new layouts especially in Portrait mode.
  • Multiroom Devices: Activities may now set their Opens Remote or Volume Control device to any device from any room allowing whole home devices like a lighting system, HDMI Matrix, or multi room audio to be added just once.
  • iOS 7 Dynamic Type: Resizes grid buttons for Dynamic Type to ensure no word breaks and consistent size across the entire field.
  • Sonos Group Control: Visual grouping feedback, integrates into Virtual Remotes with volume for all available Sonos devices.
  • Roomie Kaleidescape Integration

  • Inline Power: Power can now be manually toggled from the device list.
  • Inline Editing: Tapping Remote Design name opens directly to the editor.
  • Roku and WD TV Guide: The guide interface for Roku and WD TV has been improved.
  • Command Bar: Volume levels and more now displayed in the bar as commands are sent.
  • XBMC Keyboard Control: New mechanism added for keyboard control of XBMC 12+.
  • XBMC Responsiveness: Control now significantly more responsive.
  • Synchronization Peers: Live display of all synchronizing Roomie and Roomie Agents.
  • iPhone Landscape: Landscape orientation on iPhone has been added. HD Guide Pack or Roomie Service Subscription is required on iPhone to view guides wider than the iPhone Portrait width.
  • MAC Address: iOS 7 removed access to the local Wi-Fi Address. Added field to paste it by copying from Settings. Some devices such as Samsung TV IP control require this, and you will receive a notification if you do.
  • Safe Buttons: Non-repeating buttons no longer execute until released. Dramatically reduces accidental depress.
  • Copy Activity: Activities may now be copied between rooms.
  • Multiple guide favorites for the same provider allowing different family members personalized favorites.
  • Selection of TV Guides and Media Guides improved now part of the Activity.
  • Zero Prefix (4 Digits) Switching Style: A new channel switching style has been added to support devices that require zero prefixing to 4 digits.
  • Apple TV is now auto-discovered and provided instructions for IR control.
  • Room Icons have been updated and many new icons have been added at much higher resolution.


  • Fixes for network connectivity issues downloading codes from certain countries.
  • Fixed display of file sizes > 2 GB in the VLC Media Guide.
  • Fixed Denon streaming media feedback for zones > 1.
  • Compatibility fix for selecting certain content from iTunes 11.1.
  • iCloud Synchronization is not enabled.
  • Track Power State changes state only after a command is successful.
  • Various additional fixes.

Configurations are automatically updated by this version. All Roomie devices sharing a configuration should be upgraded to this release. Systems running iOS 5 may continue running Roomie 1.9.3; however, Wi-Fi Synchronization should be disabled on older versions if you plan to make changes to your configuration. Roomie Remote for iOS 5 is also available as a separate app on the App Store.