Roomie 1.7 is Released! Feature Overview

Take your iPad Universal Remote to the next level! Roomie Remote 1.7 is now available for download on the App Store! The changes in this release are summarized here.

New Features

Infrared Learning Built-in

  • Infrared Learning: Roomie now integrates learning infrared commands directly into the app. Learning infrared commands in the event they are not part of our extensive library is now just taps away. Both the iTach IR series and L5 Remote are supported learning devices. Learned commands are automatically organized into a working Virtual Remote.
  • L5 Remote Support: Roomie now supports the L5 Remote accessory to transmit and learn infrared commands conveniently and directly from your iOS device. All existing infrared commands work equally well with the iTach IR and L5 devices.
  • Dropbox Polling: Changes can now be downloaded from Dropbox automatically allowing integrators to maintain a central master configuration.
  • Incoming Call Pause: Incoming calls can now automatically pause the current device.
  • Oppo Blu-ray IP Control: Added control and auto-discovery of Oppo Blu-ray Players. Please note only the 2012 BDP-10X models can be powered on via IP.
  • Sony STR-DN1030 IP Control: Added control and auto-discovery of Sony DN receivers. Please note these receivers do not provide volume feedback via IP.
  • L5 Remote Infrared Transmitter and Learner

  • MiCasaVerde Vera IP Control: Added auto-detection and control for MiCasaVerde Vera Z-Wave controllers.
  • UDP Devices: Added DDK support for UDP based devices to enable addition of new, custom, and future devices.


  • Delays on commands to HTTP-based devices now always are obeyed regardless of whether each command succeeds. This allows better Wake on LAN operation with HTTP based devices such as Sony BD players.
  • Boxee Box now supports play position setting and status and additional commands.
  • Apple TV Virtual Remote now allows merging with the iTunes Media Guide and Airplay controls.
  • Apple TV default Remote Design is consolidated and a closer match to the original remote.
  • Added Epson, Spotify, MiCasaVerde, and L5 logos.
  • Sonos Line-In can now selected by command.
  • Multiple Airplay Speakers can now be toggled independently for iTunes.
  • New .AIRPLAY TOGGLE SET command for iTunes can be used to toggle multiple Airplay speakers independently via automation.
  • Added Guest Room and Headphone icon.


  • Fixed iTunes 11 pairing.
  • Fixed brightness not returning to normal in some cases.
  • Fixed issue that would not synchronize changes to Remote Designs over iCloud.
  • Fixed issues with the Add Command button in Edit Activity.
  • Fixed rotation issues with iPhone screens on iOS 6 to allow upside-down orientation for better L5 usability.
  • Fixed connectivity issue with iTunes in rare cases.
  • Fixed Denon volume calculations for some cases that were off by one.
  • Fixed incorrect auto-detection of Apple TV after October’s Apple TV software update.
  • Fixed Sonos Stereo Set incorrect auto-detection.
  • Fixed Sonos Line-In input handling.
  • Fixed Yamaha receiver radio tuner feedback.
  • Activity Memory is now more reliable in the event of iCloud issues.
  • Stricter matching by brand for Original Remote images.
  • Receiver Input/Mode are no longer added to Remote Designs by default if the receiver is not set as the Volume Control device.
  • Pioneer VSX Series is now called ‘All Models’ to remove confusion with SC Series.

Configurations are automatically updated by this version. All Roomie devices sharing a configuration should be upgraded to this release.

Many additional fixes and improvements. For detailed release notes and compatibility information, please see the Roomie website.