Roomie 1.6 is Released! Feature Overview

Take your iPad Universal Remote to the next level! Roomie Remote 1.6 is now available in the App Store! This document covers the changes in more detail than the summary provided on the App Store description page.

New Features

Roomie's Music Guide for iTunes and Sonos

  • iCloud Synchronization: Multiple iOS devices can now share Roomie configurations instantly synchronized via iCloud.
  • iCloud Activity Memory: Activity status is now synchronized between Roomie invocations and even across devices via iCloud. Multiple iOS devices will now use the same Activity status when selected on another Roomie and restore that activity on resume.
  • Hardware Volume: New Settings option enables the use of your device volume buttons to control your room volume.
  • Automatic Dimming: New Settings option turns off the screen after a user-defined timer.
  • Guide Time: New marker tracks current time in the Guide.
  • Sonos Group Control: Multiple Sonos devices across multiple rooms can now be grouped or ungrouped.

New Features in the HD Guide Pack In App Purchase:

Roomie's Music Guide for iTunes and Sonos

  • Music Guide: Both iTunes and Sonos control now provide a full browsing interface for their respective media libraries accessible via the new Music Guide.
  • iTunes Song Control: Individual songs can now played directly.
  • Sonos Playlist Control: Individual songs, playlists, iTunes imported playlists, Sonos Queue, and more can now be managed directly.
  • Sonos Pandora Control: Pandora stations can now be tuned on Sonos devices.
  • Sonos Radio Control: Internet radio stations can now be tuned on Sonos devices.

The above features are activated automatically for any existing purchases of the HD Guide Pack from prior releases. If you have a Sonos device from a prior version, please delete and re-add it to enable the new functionality.


Roomie's Guide Time Marker

  • Wake-on-LAN commands can now be sent to a custom MAC Address if the target device was not auto-discovered.
  • Guide settings are now saved even if no rooms exist or no Activity is open.
  • Sonos systems now display feedback properly for Internet radio, Amazon, and other sources.
  • Denon 2012 models are now compatible with the alternate HTTP multiple connection method.
  • Song and interactive feedback for various Pioneer 2011 and 2012 models has been added on Airplay and MHL inputs.
  • Added Patio and Master Bath room icons.


  • All commands are now displayed in the command bar on a System Off command.
  • Fixed iTunes connectivity issue and improved robustness and performance of iTunes feedback.

Many additional fixes and improvements. For detailed release notes and compatibility information, please see the compatibility pages on the Roomie website.