Roomie 1.5 is Released! Feature Overview

Roomie 1.5 is now available in the App Store! This document covers the changes in more detail than the summary provided on the App Store description page.

New Features

iTunes Control

  • iTunes Control: Control your music and video library including play functions, playlist selection, position scrubbing, album art, volume, and more. Just turn on “Allow iTunes audio control from remote speakers” in iTunes Preferences to allow auto-discovery and pair iTunes with Roomie.
  • Airplay Control: iTunes Control expands to your entire home sending your media from iTunes to any Airplay device such as an Apple TV, many receivers, Boxee, and other compatible devices!
  • Sonos Control: Control Sonos PLAY and CONNECT devices with song feedback, scrubbing, and album art integration. Includes automatic discovery. (Sonos multi-speaker grouping/zones not yet supported.)
  • DirecTV Guide Integration: DirecTV show, episode, and channel information is now directly integrated into the Virtual Remote including guide linkage and show progress.
  • Receiver Music Control: Feedback for many sources such as iPods, Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, and more are now displayed with song, album art, and other feedback integrated into the new Media Pad for supported Yamaha, Denon/Marantz, Onkyo/Integra, and Pioneer receivers. See the compatibility chart for details.
  • Receiver Dynamic Remotes: Virtual Remotes now adjust commands automatically based on input. Commands only available in a particular input such as an iPod Play command are automatically upgraded to the main play button when the input is set to iPod.
  • Wake-on-LAN: Compatible devices such as Macs, some Panasonic 2012 TVs, Sony 2012 Blu-ray Players, and many others can now be turned on using special Wake-on-LAN Ethernet signals in any command sequence.
  • iTunes Control

    Airplay Control Pack

    Airplay Control

    Airplay Target Selection

    DirecTV Integration

    DirecTV Guide Integration

    Receiver Music Control

    Receiver Music Control

    Sonos Control

    Sonos Control


  • Guide Scrolling: Vertical speed has been significantly increased. The guide can also now be smoothly scrolled side to side across different dayparts and days.
  • Guide Index: New user interface for guide indexing allows faster movement among channels.
  • Guide Visibility: New Guide settings allow explicit specification per-Activity whether the Guide should be opened with the Activity.
  • Channel Logos: Graphics have been upgraded and are now selectable as Activity and Button graphics.
  • Onkyo THX Volume: Usage of Onkyo/Integra THX volume levels can now be set on the receiver device.
  • Yamaha Pre-2008 Explicit Volume: Older Yamaha receivers can now explicitly set volume via the slider, and feedback is now provided for zones 2 and 3.
  • Pioneer/Onkyo/Denon Keyboard Support: Keyboard support is now provided for many receivers.
  • Media Pad: New Media Pad addition to Virtual Remotes can be added to your Remote Designs instead of or in addition to the Play Pad. The Media Pad is automatically used for iTunes, Roku, and Sonos.
  • Intra-Repeat Delays: Precise delays between repeated commands to IP or Serial devices can now be configured.
  • New Rooms: Built-in graphics have been added for Gym and Pool rooms.


  • Top to bottom review of field issues has significantly reduced the chance of errors in this version.
  • Fixed deletion of devices when using input switching that could incorrectly assign some commands to the wrong device.
  • Fixed elusive issue that could cause device information to be out of date for connections.
  • Fixed issue with connectivity to some types of devices over time.
  • Fixed usage of second serial port on GC-100-12/18 devices.
  • Optimizations to Virtual Remote opening and other areas resulting in generally faster operations.
  • Fixed Marantz AV7005 auto-detection.
  • Removed iOS 4 support per prior announcement at 1.4 release. Roomie now requires iOS 5.0.
  • Updated to the latest Dropbox support.

Many additional fixes and improvements. For detailed release notes and compatibility information, please see the compatibility pages on the Roomie website.