Roomie 1.4 is Live on the App Store! Feature Overview

Roomie 1.4 is now available in the App Store! This document covers the changes in more detail than the summary provided on the App Store description page.

New Features

Multipanning Personalized Guide

  • Multipanning Personalized Guide: Program discovery has never been more powerful. The new personalized guide enhanced for Retina displays includes detailed show information, next showing schedules, credits, and informative biography sections on cast and crew.
  • Retina-enhanced iPad Interface: Full support for 3rd generation iPad graphics has been added across the entire app including Original Remotes!
  • Centralized Guide: Guide setup and personalization has been redesigned and simplified.
  • iPad Panning Interface: The iPad interface has been significantly improved with panning screen management.
  • Custom Backgrounds: Custom background images can now be added to Remote Designs.

New In App Purchase

  • HD Guide Pack: Upgrades the guide from one-third screen width to full-screen on iPad displays and upgrades guide tracking from the current day to a full two weeks on all device types!
  • Portrait HD Guide Pack Landscape HD Guide Pack

New Devices

  • Panasonic TV IP Control: Auto-discovery and control of Panasonic VIERA TVs including the new 2012 models.
  • Roomie's Samsung BD and Panasonic TV ControllersSamsung Blu-ray IP Control: Auto-discovery and control of Samsung Blu-ray players including the new 2012 models.
  • Detailed compatibility listings are provided on the IP Compatibility chart.


  • Prevent Editing: New option in Settings allows lock down of all Editing throughout Roomie to prevent unintended configuration changes.
  • Pandora Yamaha IntegrationPandora Yamaha Integration: Yamaha 2010+ receivers now feature integration with Pandora, Napster, SIRIUS, and other services displaying song, album, and station information. To enable this, add Display buttons with Feedback set to “Song (Pandora)”, or Station, or Album as desired to the Remote Design associated with the Activity for your Yamaha Receiver.
  • TiVo Forced Channels: TiVo channel changes can now be forced, asking whether to cancel recording in order to change a channel if needed.
  • Insteon ISY99 Lookup: Configuring commands for ISY99 devices now allows simple selection from all known lights or scenes rather than requiring manual entry.
  • Access to compatibility and video tutorials is now provided inside the Settings panel.
  • Virtual Remotes on iPad size screens are no longer left-aligned in any orientation.
  • Boxee, Plex, and XBMC control now allows explicit volume control directly via IP to the player.
  • Marantz SR9600/SR5001 receivers and similar models from the era prior to the Denon protocol merge are now supported for feedback of Power, Volume, Mute, and Input.
  • Collect Diagnostics: New setting allows users to collect diagnostics about their components to send to support to aid in addition of new components and diagnosing issues with existing components.
  • URL Launching: Roomie can now be launched from other apps using the “roomie://” URL scheme.


  • Samsung TVs and Blu-ray Players may now be added via Manual IP in the rare event auto-discovery does not find them.
  • Fixed entry of some Insteon device IDs associated with SmartLinc or ISY devices.
  • Fixed automatic IP address updates for TiVos that changed name.
  • Stop commands are no longer sent when activating the currently active Activity.

Many additional fixes and improvements. For detailed release notes and compatibility information, please see the Roomie website. More screenshots from the 1.4 release are available at our Roomie 1.4 Screenshot Preview Gallery.

Please note that Roomie 1.4 will be the last release cycle to support iOS version 4 so please make a backup of this version if you will be needing that.