Roomie 1.3 Detailed Feature Overview

Roomie 1.3 is now available in the App Store! This document covers the changes in more detail than the summary provided on the App Store description page.

New Features

  • Dynamic Remote Designs: Buttons on Remote Designs can now target any device for any command rather than only the target device for the Activity.
  • Custom Images: Custom images can now be used in Remote Designs and Activities via Dropbox synchronization. Any PNG image in a /images directory in your Dropbox Roomie folder will be synchronized and shown in the image chooser for Remote Designs or Activities. A new “Custom” tab has been added to the image chooser when this directory is present. Example Lutron command with Integration ID and Brightness ParametersA special filename of “customlogo.png” can also be used to override the Roomie logo at the top of remotes.
  • Custom Commands:Commands with parameters such as channel changes, light levels, volume, keyboard events, and more can now be customized. Customizable commands are prefixed a ‘.’ character. These commands were previously available only internal to Roomie, but are now available in all command functionality including Activities and Remote Designs.In the more common cases, Roomie allows you to enter the value for these commands in the expected format and will convert it for you automatically. For instance, entering “-32.5” as a parameter to VOLUME SET will be converted automatically among the plethora of different volume formats Roomie supports into the appropriate encoding for your receiver. Insteon Light Brighten Sample CommandIn some cases, more obscure commands may require you to input the parameter using the encoding expected by your device.
  • Sample Lutron Remote DesignInsteon Integration: SmartLinc 2412N and ISY99i devices are now auto-discovered providing IP lighting control of Insteon devices and scenes. All common commands for Insteon lights and scenes are supported. Commands to X10 devices are not officially supported; however, a special “X10 COMMAND” has been provided to enter any necessary X10 commands manually.
  • Roomie Lutron and Insteon IntegrationLutron Integration: Lutron RadioRA 2 repeaters are now supported for IP lighting and lift control. Lutron repeaters are not yet auto-discovered. RadioRA 2 repeaters should be added via Manual IP on port 23. While we anticipate this support is also compatible with other IP-based Lutron repeaters, we are certifying it for RadioRA 2 only in this version.

New Devices

  • Pioneer Blu-ray Player IP Control: Automatic Discovery and control of Pioneer IP BDP players including Elapsed Time display.
  • JVC D-ILA Projector IP Control: IP control for JVC’s 2011 and 2012 projectors.
  • WD TV Live IP Control: Western Digital Graphical Guide IntegrationWestern Digital WD TV Live (Oct 2011+ models) are automatically discovered and controlled including graphical channel integration and keyboard support.
  • Sony BRAVIA TV IP Control: Automatic detection and control of IP Sony TVs. (Sony TV hardware cannot be powered on via IP. Depending on your equipment, BRAVIA Sync may be used to power the TV from another device.)
  • LG Blu-ray Player IP Control: Automatic detection and control of IP LG BD players.
  • Contact Closures: Support added for IP2CC/WF2CC adapters for Contact Closure control.
  • Click here for detailed compatibility listings for all of the above additions.


  • DirecTV Channel Feedback: Live channel feedback is now displayed for DirecTV receivers.
  • Samsung TV Keyboard Integration: Supported Samsung TV IP models now provide keyboard entry support.
  • New Guide Countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Poland have been added as supported countries for channel listings and the guide.
  • User Interface Improvements: Improvements to the Guide on iPad screens and the Virtual Remote Number Pad.


  • HTTP URLs now wait for pending commands to complete before launching Safari. This fix allows App Scheme URLs to be used to launch other apps or Safari after for instance setting an appropriate input on a receiver.
  • Virgin Media TiVos are now properly auto-discovered.
  • Denon/Marantz IP receivers are now discovered instantly rather than after a long delay.
  • Denon receivers can now be controlled via an alternate IP protocol including cursor key support by adding the receiver via Manual IP on port 80 and selecting the ‘AVR Series IP Zone 1’ commands. This new command set uses the same protocol as Denon’s iOS app, so it is generally designed to be consumer friendly, but lacks the plethora of high end customizations that the normal command set offers. A good way to use this set is as a second receiver in the same room marking the device as ‘Show in Room’ so that you can use it whenever needed.
  • Fixed sometimes erratic behavior from authenticated devices such as Sharp TVs.
  • Device library updates are now performed completely in the background and use a longer timeout for very slow connections.
  • Commands sent to HTTP IP devices now obey delays within the context of other commands to the same device.
  • 7.5 and 10 second delay options have been added.
  • Selected Activities are now restored when switching rooms.
  • Entering authentication parameters for authenticated IP devices no longer hides the keyboard every few seconds.
  • Explicit volume slider no longer seems to change its mind by 0.5 db the moment a finger is lifted.
  • Enter is no longer sent when the Channel Switching Style is zero prefix.
  • Dropbox Backup and Restore has been improved for robustness and to support the new custom images system.
  • Fixed incorrect Power command in Samsung BD Original Remote.
  • Swapped MENU DVR and DISH INTERACTIVE in Dish Original Remote.
  • DirecTV and Roku IP control now allow repeats on cursor and other keys. The Original Remotes for these devices default to a “Repeat while Touched” setting. The Virtual Remotes do not. Remote Designs can be used to set Directional Pad buttons, channel buttons, and others to a “Repeat while Touched” behavior.