Roomie Remote is now Simple Control!


New Features with Simple Service or Roomie Service:

  • watchOS 2 App: Completely reimagined, Simple Control for Apple Watch is a major leap forward for ease of use and quick accessibility for AV Control and Automation (watchOS 2 is required.) Among many new features,the Digital Crown can now be used to control volume.
  • Notification Center: The core of the current Virtual Remote is now provided in the iOS Notification Center including the Top Bar, Directional Pad, and a subset of the Play Pad.
  • DirecTV DVR Folders: DVR recordings are now organized by program.
  • Dropcam Images: Display refreshable still images for all Dropcams.
  • Secure Pairing: When paired with Simple Sync (formerly Roomie Agent), configuration synchronization is now secured with explicit approval for new members from existing unlocked members.

New Features with Simple Service:

  • Remote Access: All Commands, Activities, and even Feedback to and from your devices now works remotely outside your local network when securely paired with Simple Sync.

New Features:

  • iPad Multitasking: Many iOS 9 enhancements including support for iPad Multitasking. Resize automatically to occupy only part of your screen on supported iOS devices.
  • Spotlight: Activities are now indexed on your device allowing search and Activity execution from the iOS search page on iOS 9.
  • Sonos Favorites: Now accessible via the Sonos Media Guide.


  • Dropbox Link: Simple Control now requests only enough permission to access a dedicated app folder located in your Dropbox at Apps > Simple Control. Because older versions requested full access to the Dropbox before Dropbox allowed constrained access, your configuration must be moved to the new location either manually or by making a new Backup. Any link to Dropbox from a prior release must be re-established.
  • Plex Pass Compatibility: Latest version of Plex requiring authentication is now supported.
  • WeMo Discovery: Belkin WeMo devices updated to the latest firmware are now auto-discovered.
  • Full Screen Remote Designs: Editor now provides the ability to customize the entire screen with Mapped Remotes and custom buttons on iPad screens.
  • TiVo Multiple Connections: The old TiVo protocol is no longer used with Roamio/Premiere models thus enabling multiple simultaneous connections.
  • DIAL Launching: Apps on many TVs and Media Players may now be launched using the DIAL protocol via the +DIAL APP LAUNCH command.

All devices must be upgraded to Simple Control. Roomie Agent must be upgraded to Simple Sync for synchronization. Simple Sync is a free upgrade for existing Roomie Agent customers.

Purchases from prior releases are unchanged and act exactly as originally defined. The new Simple Service provides all of the functionality of the old Roomie Service and 10 Device Packs in one. The Simple Control app is now free! Prior purchases of the app grant credit for a 3 Device Pack (regardless of whether you originally purchased 2 or 3.) For new users, one media player or set top device may be added without guides prior to purchase.