Roomie 1.9 is Released! Feature Overview

Roomie Remote 1.9 is now available for download on the App Store! The changes in this release are summarized here.

New Features

Live RTSP Camera Support

  • Live Video Cameras: View RTSP video feeds such as those from most surveillance cameras. Cameras can be added to Virtual Remotes and separate panels.
  • Conditional Delays: Delays may be added when a device is powered on before sending additional commands with no delay if the device is already powered on.
  • Windows Mouse Control: Support for mouse and keyboard control of Windows systems via MCE Controller.
  • Remote Buddy Screen Control: Support for mouse and keyboard control as well as live screen viewing has been added for Remote Buddy for OS X.
  • URL Buttons: Buttons on Remote Designs can now open apps, URLs or even live camera displays as part of the command list.
  • Dynamic Device Updates: Roomie no longer depends on a monolithic device library and now downloads updates dynamically as needed. This results in much faster updates and a much smaller app footprint.

New In-App Purchase: Agent Management Pack

Roomie Agent: Synchronization and Management for Roomie Remote

  • Roomie Agent Integration: Roomie Agent for OS X, a separate product available in the Roomie Store, provides management of Roomie devices. Agent support is activated in Roomie by the Agent Management Pack in-app purchase.
  • Backup and Synchronization: Synchronization and backup for all Agent Management Pack enabled Roomie devices via Wi-Fi Synchronization.
  • Remote App Launching: Launch and bring to front applications on the Agent OS X system from Roomie’s command lists.
  • OS X Control: Control a Roomie Agent OS X system including live screen display in the Virtual Remote, mouse control, and keyboard commands.
  • Remote Configuration Lock: Configurations can now be locked remotely via Roomie Agent including an optional PIN number to allow local access.
Roomie Agent Wi-Fi Synchronization and Backup

Roomie Agent joins Roomie’s Wi-Fi Synchronization mesh keeping all of your Roomie Remotes synchronized instantly.

Backup and restore configurations to all Roomie clients simultaneously.

Roomie Agent PIN Lockdown

PIN-based configuration lock for Roomie Remote devices with the Agent Management Pack.

Turn your iMac or Mac Mini into a HTPC media center. Control OS X from the ease of your couch with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Control OS X

Roomie Agent Management Pack OS X Screen ControlRoomie Remote Commands For Roomie Agent

  • Launch OS X Applications
  • Live Screen and Mouse Control
  • Wake from Sleep
  • Create Macros for Mouse/Keyboard Commands
  • Restart, Shutdown, Sleep

New Devices:

  • Logitech Alert Cameras: Viewing live video from Logitech Alert cameras as well as automatic discovery of the cameras and integration into Remote Designs has been added.
  • iTach Flex Serial: Support for serial connections with the new iTach Flex adapters has been added.
  • MiCasaVerde Vera Lighting Feedback: Brightness and power management for lights and switches via Vera has been added as well as synchronization of all Vera devices.
  • Anthem D2v/50v: Support for Anthem’s D2v/50v processor series has been added including feedback.


  • Over 35,000 new infrared commands have been added for even greater compatibility with virtually all infrared devices. Newly added codes especially focus on adding many devices from international markets.
  • Sonos Pandora integration now includes Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down feedback.
  • The System Off activity for a Room can now be deleted. New Activities may be designated as either Power On or Power Off Activities.
  • Insteon ISY99 Lighting Feedback is now more efficient allowing a significantly greater number of simultaneous feedbacks.
  • Add Device now re-sorts devices less frequently so that devices are easier to select on highly populated networks.
  • Wi-Fi Warning now appears whenever resuming the app if Wi-Fi is not active.
  • Sonos Group control has been moved to the Media Bar.
  • Updated App Icon.


  • Restored ability to set Repeats for commands to Serial and IP devices.
  • Fixed scrolling issue in Guide Settings on iPad screens.
  • Fixed rare crash related to guide data.
  • Fixed older Marantz receiver volume feedback (Pre-2010).
  • Fixed iTunes Airplay speaker feedback.
  • Fixed issue on iPhone screens jumping to Virtual Remote from the Room list on a configuration update if an activity was open.

Configurations are automatically updated by this version. All Roomie devices sharing a configuration should be upgraded to this release.