Transferring older Simple Service to Roomie Remote 6

An in-app purchase of the Simple Service is transferrable to Roomie Remote 6. Simple Service from Simple Control 5 or Simple Control Home 4.5 is transferrable to the current product.

To transfer your Simple Service from a previous app, you will need to install both the original app you made your in-app purchase with (4.5.11 or 5.7.14) and the Roomie Remote 6 app on the same iOS device. In the old V4.5.11 app, go to Settings, select Simple Store and select Restore Purchases. In the old V5 app, go to Settings, select About, and select Restore Purchases. This will activate the Simple Service in the Roomie Remote 6 app.

Important: After you have activated a new subscription in Roomie Remote 6, you will need to manage your subscription for the Simple Service and disable auto-renewal for the old app. At the time the subscription is due to renew you will need to purchase a new subscription from within the Roomie Remote 6 app. If you do not switch your subscription to the new app, you will need to Restore Purchases from the older app periodically every 30 days.