Sony Blu-ray Power On

Most Sony Blu-ray players support the use of the +WAKE ON LAN command. You will want to be sure that yours is listed as a supported Wake-on-LAN model per our compatibility list

If it is supported, you may add the +WAKE ON LAN command to your Start Commands for your Activity, and Roomie Remote will add that for you automatically in most cases, but you must add the MAC Address to it.

The +WAKE ON LAN command is MAC Address specific. Sony devices often list two MAC Addresses, one for Wi-Fi and one for Ethernet. You will want to be sure that the +WAKE ON LAN command is set using the correct MAC Address. You can view the MAC Address being used by the Sony player by viewing its Network Settings. You will also want to be sure that Remote Start and/or Quick Start is enabled in the Blu-ray player’s settings.

For more information on WOL commands please refer to the article Turning on Wake on LAN components.