My direct IP device isn’t responding to a command, how do I diagnose it?

These steps assume your device can be found via Roomie Remote’s Auto-Discovery. Some supported devices cannot be found via Auto-Discovery but may be added using the Manual IP option with the port listed on the IP Compatibility page. With some exceptions, auto-discovered devices automatically update when an IP address change occurs via DHCP on your local network. Devices added manually without Auto-Discovery may not contain the information necessary to update automatically on an address change. We strongly recommend using a Static IP Address for any device added via Manual IP, and it is also generally a good idea for any device that connects via direct IP even if found via Auto-Discovery. To diagnose connection issues with direct IP devices added via Auto-Discovery:

  1. First make sure target device is properly configured. This includes if applicable using its menu system to make sure any IP control options are turned on. Also enable the Network Standby option per the FAQ above. Make sure the device is properly configured for your network for instance by verifying a good DHCP address is shown in its menus. If your device requires Wake on LAN support to turn on, make sure to review the FAQ on that and add the appropriate commands to Roomie Remote.
  2. Use the Test feature when adding a device to make sure the command set is correct for your device.
  3. Your device may not be turned on or configured to receive connections or perhaps the IP Address or port are incorrect. Check the settings on the target device. Some old receivers for instance require you to permit connections via IP. Other devices such as Samsung TVs require you to approve any control device manually on your TV. If your device is turned off, turn it on before testing basic control as some devices require special commands to be turned on via IP. Check the IP Compatibility list for whether your device requires special Wake on LAN commands to turn on, or in some cases such as pre-2016 Samsung TVs simply are not built with support for turning on via IP.
  4. Verify that your device is using the latest firmware or software. Most of the devices supported via direct IP use their own update mechanisms.
  5. If your device is on the direct IP supported device list, you have checked the steps above, and the device is still not responding, you may wish to look on our User Forums for any similar issues.