iTunes/Music Control

  1. First, make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes on your macOS or Windows system, and it is configured for your media. Make sure your version of Roomie Remote is up to date. (Note that the “Music” app in macOS 10.15+ requires macOS 10.15.2 or above.)
  2. If this is your first time adding a device or you’re trying to start fresh, click Forget All Remotes in iTunes as well so it removes any prior associations. Make sure you don’t have any existing iTunes device in Simple Control.
  3. Using Roomie Remote on the same Wi-Fi network as your iTunes system, tap Add Device.
  4. A device will now appear in Roomie Remote’s Add Device panel for iTunes. Select this device.
  5. Roomie Remote will now display a PIN number that must be entered into iTunes. Go back to your iTunes system and select the new item in the upper left corner menu displayed with the name of your iOS device that will appear the moment you select the iTunes device in Roomie Remote. Enter the PIN number displayed in Roomie Remote into iTunes on this screen.
  6. Roomie Remote will immediately advance to the Review screen when the PIN number has been properly entered into iTunes. Note that not all features of iTunes Control are available via the Test Remote feature on this panel, so we recommend skipping that.
  7. Now save the device and create an Activity associated with it as instructed on screen. Make sure to set the Volume Control for the Activity as always to your Receiver or to iTunes itself depending on how you’re wanting to control it.
  8. If you also have a separate Activity that controls your Apple TV via infrared, open that Apple TV Activity and set the ‘iTunes Device’ to your iTunes device so that your iTunes media can be browsed while controlling Apple TV.