In-App Purchase Restore

If you purchased a subscription as an in-app purchase and you are encountering errors exceeding maximum device limits or you have noticed that your in-app purchases are not showing as active, please follow the steps below.

1. Be sure that you are signed in to the Apple ID that was originally used to purchase the in-app purchases. You may check/change this in the iOS Settings app > Your iCloud Account at the top > Subscriptions. More information on using Roomie Remote with multiple iOS devices/AppleID’s can be found in the multiple iOS device article.

2. Using the older app (old apps no longer published on the App Store can still be downloaded from inside the App Store app in your Purchased section), from Simple Control Home 4.5.11 select the Settings icon > Simple Store and then tap “Restore Purchases”. If using the Simple Control 5 app select the Menu icon > About > tap “Restore Purchases”.

3. If that does not work, backup your configuration, delete the app, power cycle your iOS device, reinstall the correct app that was originally used to make the purchase, then select Restore Purchases.

4. If your purchases are still not showing, use the Contact Support option in Settings and we will be able to assist you further.

While the above method allows your older subscription to reflect in Roomie Remote 6, you will want to disable future renewals and instead subscribe from the modern app going forward. That will avoid any future need to install the older app.