DHCP and Static IP Addresses

For the smoothest control, we recommend reserving Static IP Addresses on your network router for all devices, but this is often not necessary for proper operation with one exception: if you have added a device via the ‘Manual IP’ option, you will need to update the device if it does not have a static IP and its IP Address is changed by your router. Automatically discovered devices are often automatically updated. Some routers rotate IP Addresses as often as every 24 hours, thus in some cases static IPs are quite necessary for proper operation. To update a Manual IP device, just open the Device editor panel for the device and then open the Advanced panel and type in the correct IP Address.

Roomie Remote automatically scans for and recognizes when many devices it controls change IP address on your network via for instance a DHCP expiration. Selecting Add Device will also force the automatic update and you’re notified when devices it controls have been updated.

See your router’s instructions for details on how to reserve a static IP or if your router supports it just make a DHCP Reservation.