Will a single Simple Blaster control my whole system?

Simple Blaster adapters include 2 Emitter Cables and 1 Blaster Cable. A Triport Adapter is also available for more complex wiring scenarios. A Blaster Cable is like a very high power emitter. You may place it anywhere in line of sight of the devices you want to control and it will control as many devices as it can see with a ~25 foot range. Typically, you might put a Blaster Cable’s output at the bottom or top of your equipment cabinet depending on the design.

Using a Triport Adapter, individual Emitter Cables can even be connected to the other two ports with Extension Cables to extend emitters to great distances past 100 feet. Third parties also manufacture cables with multiple emitter heads on one cable. That is not the same as a Simple Cable – Triple Emitter which uses discrete ports each of which are properly powered. Third-party multi-head emitters divide the power sent to the emitter in two and thus quickly become underpowered. We recommend no more than 2 emitters per cable to make sure output levels are high.

Emitter output eyes are affixed directly to the infrared receiver window of the target device using the included self-adhesive pad. This direct contact ensures that nothing interferes with the signal.

Emitter Cables are the same as mono headphone cables. They are available in many lengths and variations and used by countless home theater products. They can also be wired to a standard CAT5+ cable for long runs. There is for instance no reason why you couldn’t use a single central Simple Blaster adapter to control 3 separate rooms if new wiring in your walls is in your plans. You may need a lot of different cables, infrared distribution blocks, and other supplies and of course, in such cases, we’d recommend finding someone local skilled in audio/video installations to help make sure all the wiring is done properly, but again there’s no reason a single Simple Blaster can’t handle that. Of course, it may simply be a lot more convenient to get one per room. There is no limit to the number of Simple Blaster units that Simple Control can address simultaneously.

Simple Blaster adapters are available from the Store.