Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge Pro Control

Simple Control recommends the use of the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge for Home Kit. You can then enable Synchronize Home Kit in Settings of the Simple Control 5 app to pull in your Caseta devices and have them added to the Home Bar in Simple Control 5.

To Integrate older Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge Pro, please perform the steps below. Please note adding these items manually will not allow them to be added to the Home Bar.

  1. Add the Lutron as a device choosing the “RadioRA 2/Caséta” model, do not change the user authentication information.
  2. After adding as a device you will be prompted to create an activity select Yes.
  3. Retrieve your Integration ID’s from the Lutron Application:

    Open iOS Settings -> Scroll Down to Lutron Application-> Enable Show Advanced Settings
    Open Lutron App -> Settings -> Advanced -> enable Telnet Support then select Integration -> Send Integration Report -> Enter email address and send report.

  4. Open the Simple Control App -> Edit the newly created activity for Lutron created in step 2 and verify that “Opens Remote for Device” is set to your Lutron device.
  5. You will then need to select Remote Design, and Edit/Add the buttons for the activity by adding the commands for your Lutron system.

    e.g. if your report looks like this:

    “LIPIdList” : {

        “Devices” : [

            “ID” : 1,

            “Name” : “Smart Bridge Pro”,

            “Buttons” : ]

                “Name” : “Play”,

                “Number” : 1

                 “Zones” : [

            “ID” : 2,

            “Name” : “Test Dimmer”

    You would create a button where, “Type” = “Button” for “.BUTTON PRESS” with “Integration ID” = “1” and “Button ID” = “1” for the “Play” Scene/Button.

    You can then create another button for the “Test Dimmer” light using the “Type” = “Button”, with “Feedback” = “Brightness”, then Select your ON/OFF images, then set the OFF STATE COMMANDS for .LIGHT ON with, “Integration ID” = “2” and “Brightness” = 100, you can then set the ON STATE COMMANDS for .LIGHT OFF with, “Integration ID” = “2”.

    To add a slider for the “Test Dimmer”: Select Button “Type” = “Slider” set the “Feedback” for “Brightness” and “Integration ID” = “2”.

  6. Save Remote Design